P2 are the experts in creating entertaining retail for entertainment brands. A skill that’s been refined over a decade and a half for new release movies, TV shows, music, games, and live entertainment.

Proudly partnering with major studios such as Universal, Sony Pictures, and Paramount, as well as music publishers Sony Music, gaming companies EA and Activision and live event promoters Chugg and Ticketek.

If it’s entertainment retail you need – P2 have you covered.

Downunder Global Support

P2 has enjoyed working with clients from all over the world. Most recently with the global marketing team at KFC based in Dallas, Texas. A highly successful project that benefited greatly from the time difference between Australia and the US. We work whilst you sleep. A great way to keep your content creation wheels turning.


Client: Sony Music
Brief: Highlight the many benefits brands achieve with Sony Music
Audience: B2B

Empower Your Brand

The music business has transformed immeasurably.
Today is as much about AMBASSADORSHIP, as it is SALES.

SONY MUSIC provide: Award Winning Artists, Live Entertainment, Recorded Music, Streaming, Global Partnerships, A&R Team, In House Recording, Research, Content, Legends of Music & Sport, Brand Partnerships, Sony Group…
the list goes on.

A complex proposition to bring to market.


Unifying Idea

P2 devised a single overarching idea that linked all the various product offerings together – in effect, making the benefit instantly recognisable.

Grounded in the common benefit: Music connects powerfully to audiences.

When expressed to B2B partners, the invitation became: Empower your brand with Sony Music


David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.