Whether you need to communicate to government and industry bodies, health care providers, the consumer or your own staff, P2 has been making complex health solutions easy to understand for over a decade.

Combining sharp script writing with evocative motion graphics makes compelling content that communicates clearly. In a world with longer acronyms than words being able to simplify is an essential skill.

Having helped Johnson & Johnson, Jansen and Bayer throughout APAC, P2 is your friendly go to team for explainer videos, B2B materials and major events which need content designed for conferences.



P2 has enjoyed working with clients from all over the world. A highly successful model that benefits greatly from our time difference. We work whilst you sleep. A great way to keep your content creation wheels turning.

Remote Control 1x1


Client: SANOFI / Ethical Strategies
Brief: Encourage parents to vaccinate their children
Audience: Parents


With an overload of health advice, being able to cut through the clutter is harder than ever. Being able to create new content remotely brings a further level of difficulty.

In this example, P2 animated a child’s drawing to communicate the importance of vaccinating children.

We all know that content has a higher degree of cutting through the clutter when it is deemed believable and authentic. Now – our designers are formidable artists – BUT none can replicate the honest naivete of a child’s drawing. This being the case, our cunning designer Jon took advantage of working from home, and tasked his own children with the job of creating a wonderful series of children’s artwork – all inspired by the keywords ‘Influenza’, ‘Hospitals’ and ‘Fun’.

The result? A crafted piece of content designed by kids for families (animated by Dads!).


David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.