I was reading James Clear’s book Atomic Habits recently (it’s great, I highly recommend it) and was reminded of Motion vs. Action. This got me thinking about how it applies to content creation, and how understanding the difference between the two can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your video content, if applied correctly.

Motion is where you’re thinking and planning while Action is where things happen, where you stop just thinking about it and start doing. Motion can feel really productive, but Action is where you achieve the outcome you want. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the difference when you’re starting a new campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, Motion is very important, but you can get a bit stuck there, tricking yourself into thinking you’re doing something, then end up putting undue pressure on the Action end of a stage in the project. You can also risk not leaving yourself enough time to produce a standout result or having to spend more money to throw enough resources at it to get it done in time.

The key is to know at every stage when to flick the switch from Motion to Action. Making the decision on the strategic direction and to start executing, deciding which creative to go with and when to hit go on production.

Bringing video creation experts in early while planning your campaign, can help you keep an eye on the end goal and ensure you move to Action at the right time, even getting some Action happening in parallel to Motion. You get the best of both worlds, Motion is still happening (it is important), but as soon as you’re ready, you can kick Action into high gear. This will get the most out of your budget and get the best outcome, the standout video content that will cut through.


Marc Collister, General Manager / Partner, P2

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