Simon Sinek, one of the world’s most popular marketing commentators, makes the point “If you’re not remarkable, you’re invisible”. And no brand ever wants to be that. Imagine. The horror.

For brands to have a fighting chance of being remarkable – they first require a disciplined focus.

By nailing the single, most compelling thing, about your brand provides this laser focus. Then the task becomes one of expressing this in as sticky a way as possible.

In other words, creating something that is bright and distinct enough in execution to first catch the eye. Then potent and punchy enough to land an idea. An idea that has the capacity to fire an emotion, quash an uncertainty or inspire action.

The goal of gaining attention and drawing consumers towards your product or service is the ultimate function of any content, advertising or editorial created for a brand. The road to such captivating content, content that stands out for all the right reasons, is often a thrill ride. The bit where you push, prod and poke a brand. Agitating it with a series of interrogations. The bit where you shake it. Turn it upside down and give it a right royal going over. Only then, after a lot of vim and vigour, do you get to the sticky bit. The bit that actually matters.

Exhausted and elated. The joy of amplification begins. The spotlight is turned up to the max so everyone can see what it is that truly makes the brand outstanding. Only then will you break into a consideration set. Casting other brands in your shade. In effect turning them invisible.

If your next marketing activity needs a good shake, rattle and roll to re-energise the impact it has on the market – then give us a shout. We love to agitate in order to captivate. We reckon you will too.

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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