Finding ways to drive business and stand out is a daily challenge. Every market is competitive and cluttered with all sorts of video – explainers, introductions, how to tutorials, the unboxing of products, through to signature television commercials. A dense landscape – tricky to navigate.

What we find that works the hardest is video that embraces three essential disciplines. In order for work to cut through all of this clutter it must firstly be STRATEGICALLY TRUE. This cannot be a fabrication, it must exist within the brand. A special ‘method of manufacture’. A unique ‘capability’. An aesthetic ‘design’. Once found – you hold onto this point of difference and celebrate it far and wide.

The next crucial step is to be CREATIVELY BRILLIANT – this is the electric, lightbulb smashing, leap of faith divergent stage in the process. A time where you enthrall your creative team with enough strategically true information that catapults their thinking into blue water territories.

The third and final discipline is to demand EXPERTLY CRAFTED content. Give yourself enough time and budget to invest in this powerful and important step. After all – it’s the content that matters the most right? This is THE bit your customers get to experience. Best to make sure this bit works hard for you.

Our passionate content creator David ‘Flanners’ Flanagan illustrates this point in a new video showcasing how a regular piece to camera can benefit with extra scenes to increase visual interest in the story, as well as how motion graphics can make something quite extraordinary.


David ‘Flanners’ Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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