OK – this is not a public demonstration of my fat fingered arithmetic. No, this is about the inherent benefits of a ‘mutually beneficial brand collaboration’.

Yep – that occurrence whereby two brands cohabit an idea, one concept fostered to provide success for both. An outcome that would not be available for either individually. Hence my maths which illustrate this complex construct clearly.

Of course – landing a single result that nails a clients brief is what we all strive to deliver. Something I might add is not an easy accomplishment.

The odds then start to look a little overwhelming if we stopped and did the long hand maths when you start to factor the duplication of persons involved in managing two powerful brands. Imagine – twice the number of marketing folk, twice the amount of Sales Director oversight, twice the amount of operational logistics – not to mention the double involvement of legals to navigate.

Why would anyone even consider such a venture? What madness is this?

Well – we did, and we firmly believe in the holy grail of the WIN / WIN.
Even so much as to advocate the WIN / WIN / WIN.

Let me explain.

The WIN / WIN outcome is when both brands achieve their objectives – to access a submarket, position themselves differently, augment their proposition, reach more, engage more, or to simply stand out. Such were the benefits of Subaru partnering with Universal Pictures.

When these two brand outcomes align – high fives abound. The complexity is seen as a necessary price for success.

The WIN / WIN / WIN is a scenario where the Agency also stands tall, confident in their skills to deliver.

The outcome is far richer than what the individuals could attain on their own. It’s worth remembering that sometimes we all need a friend to help us reach our full potential. So maybe have a ponder and consider which brand to befriend when you embark on your next audacious achievement.

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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