Now might not be an obvious time for brands to be actively marketing. We’re all feeling at odds and nothing is normal. Some brands might be best served by remaining relatively quiet. Some brands should be ‘doing’ more and ‘saying’ less. But there are still a whole bunch of brands that need to keep active and need to maintain awareness or risk disappearing.

Without the option to film new content what are your options to sustain such marketing?

Well, I’m glad you asked because content is still being created to great effect – all without the need of assembling a crew and staging a traditional production. Post-production techniques provide a full box of tricks to help every savvy marketer out there.

Being able to create a campaign literally out of nothing takes a different kind of strategic and creative approach – both informed by the knowledge of what is actually achievable when it comes to the production of these wonderful ideas.

For our team at P2 – this is something we’ve been mastering for a decade and a half. A full team of motion graphic artists, 3D compositors, animation specialists, sound engineers, editors, art directors, writers, photographers, directors, producers, designers and developers – anything you can dream, we can make reality. Well almost everything ; )

If it’s an awareness driving initiative, an explainer video, an announcement, or a reassurance to your staff or stakeholder partners – there are hundreds of techniques that can be applied to reach your next marketing objective.

And the kicker? This can all be done via ‘remote control’. No physical interaction necessary. Our satellite team can help shape a strategy, polish an idea and execute a brand new piece of content from our safe and seperate locations. In fact, it’s rare that clients actually visit the agency – conversations, planning, debating, building and making have been taking place via calls, emails and video for years – so for us, it’s really business as usual.

If you need help keeping your marketing on track – give us a shout, and we’ll show you how you can harness our 100% remote-controllable full in-house post production team of experts.

Phew – made it through the whole article without once mentioning covid or coronavirus….almost.

Stay safe. Stay home y’all.

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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