Audience fragmentation makes it frustratingly difficult to catch customers’ attention. ABC’s insights manager, Emma Turner reports “Audience Fragmentation is not slowing down.”

According to ABC’s internal insights, Australians have an average of 21 devices per household, with the home an essential media hub. Access to content is at an all-time high with the ability to engage with multiple people, across multiple devices, within the same household at the same time.

The ability for marketers to build brand awareness with an audience which is fragmented is complicated and expensive. Simultaneously, brands must sustain an ‘Always-on’ advertising strategy which places additional pressure on a marketing budget already under stress.

The good news for ambitious brands wanting to drive their business forward is video meets the demands of these marketing imperatives.

•  Video quickly builds awareness
•  Video can be created with a variety of budgets
•  Video works across multiple platforms

With careful planning, successful brands ‘produce once’ and ‘publish many times’.

Let’s take a look at the importance of video in meeting the demands of modern marketing.

Video quickly builds awareness

The accomplished team at Hubspot have their finger on the pulse of contemporary marketing trends and recently published the following pointers:

•  In 2023, people are watching, on average, 17 hours of online videos per week.
•  People are 52% more likely to share video content than any other type of content.
•  75% of viewers watch short-form video content on their mobile devices.
•  83% of marketers suggest videos should be under 60 seconds.

Audiences actively seek video content to satisfy their interests and desire for entertainment.

Even when media are fragmented across digital and traditional channels – the reality is the appetite for video content exists – providing brands opportunity to reach any type of audience. To do this effectively: Video must ‘entertain’ and video must be ‘useful’.

An example of a snappy, short-form video that doubles as a “Product Demonstration” and “Meal Solution” is the video P2 created for the launch of the new Breville Pie Maker. The snacks are deliciously shot for maximum appetite appeal, whilst the storytelling is sharp and easy to follow. All designed to accentuate how “quick and easy” it is to create delicious tasting pies.

Breville “Stacks of Snacks” Pie Maker

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Video can be created with a variety of budgets

“How long is a piece of string?” is a common statement made by every production department that ever existed. The long and the short of it is that video can be created with pretty much any budget that is available. The real question is “how important is video” to the successful outcome of real business growth?

If the ambition is to introduce a new safety feature on public transport – then the importance of communicating clearly is important to the safety of commuters. Alternatively, if the requirement is to communicate the closing hours over a public-holiday long weekend – the importance is less heightened and as such, the investment to succeed should reflect this.

The clearer the parameters of the budget are understood at the beginning of the process – the better the outcome.

Every production faces a multitude of decisions to be made regarding the time available for each department to the calibre and quality of equipment and talent that can be involved. There are many levels of affordability which will impact the final video from the camera, lighting and location chosen, to the talent that is cast through to the experience of the Director and editing team. These plus many other components required to produce video present budget questions.

Best to have clarity of WHAT the video is the ACHIEVE so every budget consideration can be made with this objective clearly in mind.

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Video works across multiple platforms

As indicated by the insights team at the ABC – Australians have an average of 21 devices per household. Fair to say we love our devices and happily consume content across multiple screens, sometime simultaneously. The job for video is to turn up on each platform configured to the correct size and specifications.

The versatility of video allows such adaptation. Smart brands design all their video content fit for the screen it is being accessed. That can mean shorter durations of 6 seconds, to vertical video formats to maximise the orientation of the device being used.

The team at ICC Sydney needed us to create a recruitment campaign to fill a range of positions from food and beverages, front of house to audio visual and catering. To cover the broad range of vacancies, a suite of videos were created to expand the benefits of each vacancy per department. The content was then adapted to appear across a multitude of platforms.

Videos in a vertical, horizontal orientation, plus a mix of durations ranging from 6 seconds to 30 seconds were produced creating a campaign of assets to travel far and wide across all available platforms.

With the knowledge of how the videos were intended to be used informed the initial creation of materials allowing them to be easily adapted and deployed.

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Audience fragmentation can be frustrating and cause greater complexity when planning your next campaign. Brands that struggle to create content get stuck and left behind.

The good news is video is more than up for the demands of today’s marketing landscape and through versatility, video is still one of the most efficient methods of reaching a broad audience in ways that entertain and inform.

If you have clear ambitions for your brand and want to harness the power of video – let’s chat.

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