Audience fragmentation makes it increasingly difficult for brands to reach their audience. Ambitious brands use video as their hard working solution to hit their audience bullseye.

At P2, we understand the challenges brands face in today’s marketing landscape with fragmented audiences participating across fragmented media. It is increasingly frustrating and difficult to catch customers’ attention – let alone stand a chance of building brand awareness. Thankfully video more than lives up to these demands. Its ability to quickly build awareness, adapt to various budgets, and work across multiple platforms, video is the go-to solution for ambitious brands wanting to drive their business forward.

Let’s take five minutes and dive into this assertion a little further.

Video Hits Audiences On Every Platform.

Here’s a data point that will give you pause for thought. Did you know we own an average of 21 devices per household? From smartphones, tablets and laptops all the way to our beloved large screened smart TVs. We happily devour content across all of them – sometimes simultaneously. As a brand, it’s essential to create video that is optimised for each available platform and designed to fit both the traditional horizontal format, as well as work vertically.

The versatility of video is unquestioned. It allows for easy adaptation to different orientations and screen specifications. At P2, every video we create is designed to stand out on whichever screen it is consumed. This may mean creating shorter durations of 6 seconds for social media platforms or utilising vertical video formats for optimal viewing on mobile devices. By tailoring your videos to the platform, you maximise engagement and effectively reach your audience wherever they may be.

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Fast Track Awareness with Video.

As a viewing nation, we are spending more time watching online videos than ever before.

Almost 3 HOURS A DAY is spent watching videos online is the reported average that HUBSPOT has measured. And guess what? They’re 52% more likely to share video content compared to any other type of content. That’s a huge opportunity for brands to reach their target audience and spread their message.

When harnessed, there is no faster method of creating awareness than video.

The smart cookies at P2 live and breathe video. As such, we understand the importance of creating videos that ENTERTAIN and provide VALUE to viewers. By crafting snappy, entertaining, educational and engaging videos, brands instantly create a powerful impact that leaves a lasting impression.

A great example of this is a recent recruitment campaign by ICC SYDNEY called “More Than A Venue”.

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Any Budget, Any Video.

We firmly believe that the size of your budget should not limit your creative possibilities. The question is not “how much money do you have?” but rather “how important is video to your business growth?”. Whether you have a large production budget or a more limited one, we work with you to create stand out videos that align with your goals and ambitions.

When it comes to video production, there are many factors to consider that will have an impact on budget. Remembering there are always choices. From the calibre of talent and equipment, to the location and time available for each department. Every choice taken during production has an influence on the budget. By having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and the parameters of your budget, we always help you make informed decisions and optimise the resources at hand. Our experienced team knows how to deliver high-quality videos that fit your budget and drive results.

An example of how a limited budget is a recent promotional campaign for MIRVAC.

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Unleash the Power of Video.

The challenges inherent with reaching a fragmented audience are well understood by the video creation experts at P2. With its ability to rapidly build awareness, adaptability to different budgets, and being able to work across multiple platforms, video is essential for ambitious brands. Whether you’re looking to create short-form videos that entertain and inform or to produce high-quality content with a limited budget, we’re here to help.

Our experienced team of content creators knows how to captivate audiences and deliver videos that resonate. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, ensuring that every video we produce is aligned with their brand voice and message. Let P2 be your partner in driving business growth through the power of video.

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Video for Ambitious Brands

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