It’s true, however trite it may sound, but all good journeys start with that fabled ‘first step’.

Starting the process and building momentum are essential. Without which, projects run the risk of becoming stagnant, ending up a lingering Action Point that eventually gets dropped from the WIP because its gone stale and starts to smell. Many an idea, initiative or inspired thought leading notion have withered and died on the marketing vine.



The act of ‘doing’, the ‘getting on with it’, the willingness to decide that you are ‘Ready’ enough’ to ‘Fire’ into action – refining the ‘Aim’ as you go – generates momentum, which in turn attracts energy, which builds further momentum.

Those rare practitioners, some I’ve had the delight of working with (Chants and Catherine, I’m looking at you!), have the wonderful ability to ignite projects, imbuing them with motion and energy. An ability to win favour and support from key stakeholders from across an organisation – Operations, Finance, Sales, CEOs – all through the power of ‘momentum’. Such an approach is best described as “Ready. Fire. Aim”.

Obliterating procrastination and disintegrating inertia by simply ‘starting something’. A kick start, an ideation, a conversation – anything that gets ‘the ball moving’ has the inbuilt, self generating ability to build momentum. There is time enough to refine and clarify the precise ‘aim’ of the project – something that is sometimes clarified once the process has begun. How to regain customer support? How to avoid continual price erosion? How to stimulate demand?

The next time you’ve a burning idea you want to get started, give us a call. We love bouncing ideas with our clients. Ready? Fire! Aim.

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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