As marketers, we’re trained to think on our toes – making calls every day that keep our brands relevant, distinctive and alluring. A juggle and a thrill.

We also appreciate the only real certainty is uncertainty.
Consumer sentiment ebbs and flows.
Competitors tik and tak.
Cultural trends come and go.
Hell, even your own brand has a liveliness that is in motion.

We also know that it only needs one flash of insightful inspiration and KABOOM! A flare has been lit and suddenly you’ve scored a first mover advantage casting competitors in the shade.

To be a brand capable of this you need to surround yourself with a team as attuned to your brand as you are. A team geared for action – not just contemplation and speculation.

Responsiveness is the go to adjective.

Rapid is the speed.

Ready is the situation.

A team that creates content for you needs these special ingredients so that you – as a brand manager – can act in the best interests of your brand at every turn.

That being said – I think we can all agree that recent weeks have cranked up the sense of uncertainty to, well, unprecedented levels 🙂

Being able to take a brief step back – check out the bigger picture, formulate smart ideas to either mitigate or better, capitalise on the new lay of the land – you then need to advance to production – confident that what you’ve conceived, you can create.

Whether the situation improves and restrictions continue to be relaxed, or heavens forbid, things take a negative turn and restrictions are reinforced – brands have no choice but to respond in a swift and appropriate manner. By definition, pandemics affect an entire population which means no brand is immune. No brand can avoid the present. The flip to this means all brands have the chance to engage their consumers by responding to their ever changing needs and wants.

If your brand wants to make a rapid response, we’re ready.
P2. Content Creators.

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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