Case Study: SANOFI




Ethical Strategies / SANOFI


Encourage parents to vaccinate their children.


With an overload of health advice, being able to cut through the clutter is harder than ever. Being able to create new content remotely brings a further level of difficulty.


Assemble a remotely based team of P2 content creators.


Use animated children’s drawings to communicate the importance of vaccinating children.


Authentic content has the ability to shine and stand out. Always has. Always will. Whilst our designers are formidable artists, none can replicate the honest naivete of a child’s drawing. This being the case, our cunning designer Jon took advantage of working from home, and tasked his own children with the job of creating a wonderful series of children’s artwork – all inspired by the keywords ‘Influenza’, ‘Hospitals’ and ‘Fun’.


Producer Mikey pulls it all together into an engaging, craftily created animation that was produced entirely via ‘remote control’.

See the result

David Flanagan, Director of Content & Strategy, P2.

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